Typically, on the day of the event, we get contacted with questions about the event. Starting around late afternoon and through the time of the event, it is difficult to answer each question asked because we are setting up or are already at work at the event. Hopefully, this section helps as these tend to be the questions we are asked most often:

1) What time do the fireworks begin?

The fireworks begin at some point between 9:00-:9:30 pm.

2) Do I need a ticket/have to pay for admission to watch the fireworks?

No, Though we do collect donations and sell raffle tickets to pay for the fireworks (which 100% funded by donations from area individuals and businesses), there is no ticket needed for entry and there is no admission fee to watch.

3) Where is the best spot to watch the fireworks?

People congregate on Pleasant Plains Rd., in the Ravenwood shopping center parking lot (where the Crackpot Restaurant and Giant food store are), on the upper field and along side of Loch Raven Academy, and elsewhere. As to the best spot? We would have to say anywhere you can see the fireworks!

4) What if there is bad weather forecasted? 

Any announcement for postponement can be found on the towsonfireworks.com website or on its Facebook page. If there is no announcement of postponement, it means the show is going forward.