Volunteers (We Need YOU!)

Towson Fireworks VolunteersWE NEED YOU! The Towson-Area Fireworks Committee is looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, helping to set up the event on July 4, working the event and cleaning up after the event (morning of July 5th).

More particularly:

Fundraising volunteers can help with planning and working fundraising events, selling raffle tickets, making phone calls, being part of the bucket brigade at the event, community and organization outreach, networking and related activities.

Setting up the event consists of putting up caution tape, ground stakes and signs around the perimeter of the fireworks staging/shooting area.

Working the event includes bucket brigades for donations, directing people away from the caution tape/off limits area, making sure that the Fire Marshal, fire department and police have their reserved parking, answering questions, and other such help.

Cleaning up after is self-explanatory — We show up early the next day with rakes, trash bags, brooms (and of course, coffee and bagels/donuts) to clean up the fireworks debris from the grounds and surrounding area, clean up the caution tape, and related help.

*** We will sign off on community service hours for students that need hours. So, tell your children and have them tell their friends. ***

This event cannot be successful without volunteers!

To help, please contact us at info@towsonfireworks.com.

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