Thank You!

Thank you to anyone that has donated, bought raffle tickets, volunteered, and/or otherwise has supported the Towson-Area July 4th Fireworks. There are many unsung individuals and businesses that have helped spread the word, encouraged donations, or did something else that help make this event go forward. For privacy reasons, private individuals won’t be named, but particular thanks go to —

The Crackpot Restaurant and Crackpot Liquors (8102 Loch Raven Blvd.) for helping with raffle tickets, donations and building excitement for the event;
Delegate Steve Lafferty, for his continued help advertising the event and asking for people to consider donating;
The Towson Times, who, every year does a news story to help keep this tradition alive;

Providence Volunteer Fire Company, for attending in support year after year;
The Baltimore County Police Department for helping put on and secure the event;
The Community Associations that donate, but also those that encourage their members to support the fireworks; and, importantly,

All of you that attend the event, host parties, and/or watch from your houses, apartments, and/or businesses and do so year after year.

On behalf of the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations and Greater Loch Raven Rec Council, thank you.